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Welcome to Little Pearls Dentistry for Children


At Little Pearls Dentistry for Children, we believe that dental health is fundamental to overall health and that by starting good habits early, children will grow up to value dental health and will pass that along to their own children.

In order to achieve health and well-being for each child we see, our pediatric dental specialists, Dr. Michael Gazori, Dr. Sumana Kafle, and Dr. Tatiana Staver, will determine the factors that may put each child at risk for dental disease and then develop an individualized plan of prevention and to restore and maintain optimal health.

The Little Pearls Difference

  • We believe in education and the prevention of dental disease. We work to make each experience with every child special.
  • We spend the time to ensure the comfort of our patients and to make sure the parents of our patients are involved and as excited about their children's dental health as we are.
  • We are committed to providing a warm and trusting environment, recognizing the unique dental health and emotional needs of each child.

We invite you see why so many families in the Lansdowne, Leesburg, and Ashburn, VA communities have chosen Little Pearls Dentistry for Children as their children’s dentist. Contact our Lansdowne dental office to schedule an appointment with us today!

Best for Families Dentist

Best for Families Dentist

What our patients are saying:

Although just five years old, Augustine eloquently states his heart felt thoughts. "I am five years old so sometimes I'm a little scared about going to the dentist. I love Little Pearls because they always help me feel better. I think this is the nicest dentist in Virginia. Thank you."

Mary S, mom of two, says, "Our children are so comfortable when they visit your office that it feels like we're hanging out with family. Thanks so much for your kindness and patience with our children."

Ten year old Griffen sums up his experience this way: " I love this dentistry! All of the hygienists are nice, and they have an awesome point program! The wait time is not long also!"

Ten year old Nicholas made our year with this finely crafted review: "I think Little Pearls Dentistry is one of the best. The people there are kind and let me pick which movies I want to watch and which flavors of toothpaste I want. They care about what I think while they do there job. In other words, they don't stick the tools in my mouth and say "Deal with it." instead, if I say ouch, or ooh, or ee, they stop and ask me if it hurts or is uncomfortable. They kindly tell me everything I did wrong and how to improve it. This way I can go back home and make sure that I fix my mistakes. That's what I call 5 star!

Ramzi keeps it simple, "Little Pearls is awesome!"

Quite the eloquent seven year old, Saira says, "Little Pearls Dentist is the best dentist I have ever been to. Ever since we started coming here, I knew it would be the permanent Dentist. The staff is so friendly and gently and I could not have asked for a better experience!

Jack's mom shares, "Thank you for being so tremendously accommodating to our special needs."

A patient since 2009, 19 year old Emily has this to say: "This dentistry is amazing. I have had bad experiences in the past, but when I came to Little Pearls, I felt comfortable with their kindness, great policies, client care, and gentle approach to chuildren. Dr. Gazori and all his incredible staff members are amiable and are very good in their practice. Their pain-free, caring, honest and child-friendly approach has made me very pleased with their service and affordable prices. Thank you, Little Pearls, for being a top-notch, reliable, five-star dentistry!

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