Silver Diamine Fluoride

A lot of excitement surrounds the use of a relatively new product available to us called silver diamine fluoride. Products like it have been used in Japan and parts of Europe for many years. It is now available in The United States. We first started using SDF in 2016. We are excited to see the outstanding results we have been able to achieve. Patients with decay have been able to avoid treatment, including extractions and sedation, by our use of SDF. To date we have treated over 100 teeth with SDF. We will be posting pictures soon to show some of the success stories. For an FAQ on SDF click here.

For 2015 and 2016 Little Pearls Dentistry was named the Best for Families in the DC Metro area by the readers of Family Magazine. We are honored and humbled by this award! Although we didn't win in 2017, we were the runner up.


We are excited to announce we now offer a dental savings plan for patients with no insurance. The plan is an annual dental savings program that allows non-insurance patients to receive dental services in our office. Unlike conventional insurance plans, with our QDP program there are no deductibles, no yearly maximums, no impossible to read EOB's, no unbearable calls to insurance companies, and no waiting periods to begin treatment. QDP benefits and savings begin immediately upon registration.