Family with daughter in middle taking selfie outdoors

Halloween Candy Buy-Back

Although on the surface it sounds to be a great idea to send Halloween candy to the troops, we have decided not to participate in this endeavor. The wife of a service member told us that the candy arrives in a melted, lumpy mess. Also, we don’t want to contribute to the development of dental decay of the troops and local citizens. So instead, we offer a candy buy back program through the month of November. For every pound of candy brought in, your child will earn 15 Pearly Points to be used toward the purchase of various gift cards like Target, Amazon, iTunes, and many others. For every Pearly Point given, we will donate $1 to local charities. Last year we were able to raise $1300 which we donated to local charities such as Loudoun Youth, Mobile Hope, Loudoun Hunger Relief, and Children's National Medical Center.


Money Raised in 2018