Dental crowns for pediatric patients will restore and support a lifetime of healthy smiles

The pediatric dentists at Little Pearls Dentistry for Children in Lansdowne, Virginia, partner closely with young patients, parents, and caregivers to keep their teeth healthy and looking great. However, we appreciate there may come a time when damage or trauma arises that requires restorative treatment. Dental crowns, made precisely to address your child’s specific needs, can quickly and easily restore the appearance, function, and health of a tooth damaged by decay, disease, or an injury. 

The ABCs of dental crowns 

 Crowns may be appropriate for your child if a simple filling is insufficient to treat a cavity. A filling may not adequately support the tooth among those patients with large cavities. Large fillings, in other words, can make the treated tooth susceptible to fractures. Crowns provide a way to restore the tooth that lasts and lasts.

Also, a crown will protect all the surfaces of the tooth, thus protecting it from further decay.

Unlike crowns for adults which usually require two appointments, we will select an appropriately sized pre-fabricated or pre-fitted dental crown that is made from medical grade stainless steel that will be cemented into place on the same day.

To find out more about what to expect before, during, and after treatment, schedule an appointment for your child. Call us at (571) 601-2080.