Peewee football players looking at coach


Dental injuries are one of the more common injuries for athletes of all ages. Injuries we have seen are chipped teeth, displaced teeth, teeth knocked out, and injuries to the jaw joint (TMJ). The treatment for these types of injuries are greatly variable. Should your child suffer any dental injury please call our office immediately.


The best way to protect the teeth from injury is by wearing a mouthguard. Mouthguards are especially important for children who are in braces (orthodontics).

There are number of different types. The most basic type is the "boil and bite" type found in drugstores. These types are the most cost effective but are also the most bulky and uncomfortable to wear. The second type is a pre-made, more streamlined mouthguard. These can be found in sporting goods stores. They are often "sport specific." The third type, which is the more costly yet better fitting are custom made in the dental office. Please ask us which type would be best for your child.

Under Armour® Mouthwear

We are pleased to offer our serious athletes as well as our weekend warriors the option of custom made mouthguards by Under Armour. Please contact us for more information on having a custom made mouthguard backed by a one year guarantee.