Family Laying on Floor with child on back of parents


We believe in the following basic principles

  • We believe that children deserve to feel safe

  • We believe dental health is fundamental to total health and well-being and that excellent dental health is easily achievable

  • We believe parents are our allies in the care of their children

We are driven to care for your child’s overall health and well-being as holistically as possible

To help accomplish this we:

  • stress the prevention of cavities through dietary and snacking recommendations and controls

  • use cleaning paste that is dye free and gluten free

  • use the most biocompatible filling material available for most fillings

  • use non-toxic wipes for cleaning surfaces

  • do not use sprays or toxic cleaning materials

  • are very conservative in our use of radiographs (x-rays). We do not take unnecessary x-rays.

  • are very conservative with our recommendations and do not "over-treat"

  • use distilled water at each dental chair. The water is also treated with the same iodine purification process astronauts use for their drinking water. Water lines are tested for cleanliness

  • verify effective sterilization of each batch of sterilized instruments through use of Class 5 strips

  • dispense toothbrushes made in the United States

  • advise using natural products and advise against products with harmful and unnecessary chemicals

  • have had the office painted with only non-VOC (non-volatile organic compound) paint

  • have the carpets routinely cleaned with organic, non-toxic cleaners

Why choose Little Pearls Dentistry for Children
for your little one?

A Dental Team You Can Trust

Do you feel that choosing a dentist is kind of like choosing an auto mechanic or a plumber? It can be impossible to know who to trust.

  • Would you like your child to be cared for by a team of caring staff who embrace the philosophy that each child is special and deserves to feel safe?

  • Would you like your child's unique medical, dental, and emotional needs to be considered in his/her care?

  • Would you like your child's dentist to value your input and consider you a true partner in his/her care?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please call us for the Little Pearls experience.

Complimentary infant oral health program

Providing parents with infant oral health education will help their children maintain optimal dental health that will last a lifetime. We are excited to offer a complimentary infant oral health program to children younger than 12 months old and to expecting parents.

On-time guarantee

We know it can be hard for a child to wait in the reception room and we know that time is valuable to our parents. If we make a child wait more than 15 minutes for his or her regularly scheduled appointment twice within the same calendar year, our office will give him or her a gift card equal to our broken appointment charge.

complimentary second opinion

We would be happy to examine your child for a second opinion if you have been advised he or she needs treatment and you are not sure about the recommendations. There are always options available and we would love the opportunity to share other options with you. Please provide any x-rays taken to avoid any charges.

our dental hygienists

Hygienists are specialists who have completed an additional, rigorous four years of college education after high school. During this training they study biology, chemistry, microbiology, dental anatomy, and a host of other subjects. They are also required to take continuing education courses to maintain their state license. Most pediatric dental offices do not employ hygienists. Why is it important to have hygienists? First of all, it ensures that we are following the laws and regulations in the state of Virginia. In Virginia, dental assistants are allowed to polish the teeth but only hygienists and dentists are legally allowed to clean more thoroughly with instruments. Scaling performed by anyone else is illegal. Second of all, it ensures that your child who has needs greater than what an assistant can provide will be cared for to the highest standard by professionals with advanced training.

Parents’ alcove

While children are being cared for, parents can enjoy the peace and comfort of our parents' alcove with coffee, reading material, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Truly conservative treatment recommendations

We are practical in our recommendations and don't make recommendations we would not recommend for our own children. None of our recommendations are motivated by financial reasons.Also, our recommendations and treatment of your child will never be influenced by insurance benefits or limitations.

Nitrous oxide

For children with mild to moderate anxiety, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is a safe and proven method to help kids feel more comfortable.

Patient rewards

Every child earns points that can be used to purchase a variety of gift cards. Points are earned for good brushing, being on time to appointments and a variety of other reasons.

Advanced technology for safety and convenience

We utilize the best technology to streamline our patients' and parents' experience with us. Digital radiographs (X-rays) minimize exposure to radiation, appointment reminders are sent by email and text, and all insurance claims are sent electronically the same day the patient is seen.

General anesthesia

For children who are too young to manage dental treatment, or for those whose sensory, emotional, and dental health needs are too great to be met with nitrous oxide, we offer in-office general anesthesia provided by board-certified anesthesiologists through Horizon Anesthesia.

Tangible things

In addition to the above:

  • We do not have the “open bay” style of office where dental chairs are stacked next to each other in an open area. All our rooms are semi-private or private. We have tried hard to create a calming environment.

  • Kids are given report cards at each 6 month maintenance appointment.

  • Written pre-operative information is given regarding what treatment has been recommended.

  • Written post-operative instructions are given at restorative appointments for parents to refer back to after their child’s appointment.

  • We provide complimentary practice visits for special needs kids.

  • We only refer to specialists who share our philosophies. Our referrals are not based on any friendships, financial rewards, or gifts received by them.

  • New hires undergo background searches.

  • Yearly training OSHA/HIPAA.

  • Up to date CPR training.

  • On-site shredding service for sensitive material.

  • We send appointment reminders by email and text.

  • We pay a licensing fee to the Motion Picture License Company to show movies in the office.